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TUBA is excited to announce it’s ninth 12” vinyl release, TUBA 009 :: Quantum Soul - Evocation / Monsoon.

// Side A // Evocation // calls forth an ambient, swirling soundscape that reaches deep and drives forever forward. The precise sub bass modulation and mid synth call and response will test the limits of any sound system. Tribal percussion hangs over the mix; a driving counterpoint to the minimal and strong half-time beat. The snare drum reaches through the groove, solidly and consistently, marking the framework of the rhythm.

// Side B // Monsoon // will envelop the listener in cascading, warm, reverb drenched sound waves. As the theme of the track fades in, the drums start hitting like drops of rain. Unrelenting.
This is music for those moments when you decide to turn and face the storm.

Quantum Soul is a veteran UK dubstep and dub producer with a discography spanning over 7 years. His dubstep sound is rooted in dub, world and electronic music and his DJ sets chart some of the deeper recesses music has to offer.

QS has released on numerous legendary labels: from Ranking Records, Dubting and Dubbed Out, to Boxclever, with a collaborative project he formed with Ruckspin, Octane and DLR called 'Cymatic'. In 2012 he signed an EP with Tribe 12, laying the foundation for his future involvement with WhoDemSound. In 2013 he worked with Innamind Recordings to bring out 'Strong Root', which had extensive support from DJ Youngsta. Releases with Pressed Records, Tuba NYC, Mindstep, FKOF and Mantra followed in 2014, culminating in his first strictly dub release with WhoDemSound.

He has had regular DJ support from Sub.fm's Syte and BunZer0, as well as Joe Nice, Vivek, J:Kenzo and DJ Youngsta.

With more releases forthcoming he continues to be a source of thought-provoking and speaker-shaking bass music.

TUBA is an artist-run vinyl imprint based in Brooklyn, specializing in forward-thinking bass music. TUBA pushes new releases from the finest producers on the contemporary bass music scene.

Roster includes J:Kenzo, Truth, Compa, DJG, Moldy, Juss B, Subreachers, Daega Sound, AxH, & D- Operation Drop


released November 24, 2015




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Brooklyn Bass Music and Dubstep label releasing in both 12" vinyl and digital formats. Artists on roster include JKenzo, Compa, Truth, DJG, Moldy, Daega Sound, and RDG.

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